September Only!! Have 3 rooms of carpet deep cleaned, brightened, and protected for only  $155.00!!!!

Our Goal is to make pricing simple. Why call for a quote when all we want is a general idea of what it will cost to get our carpet cleaned? So we made it easy for you.

All prices are based on average cost you can expect to pay for each room under the assumption that the average room size is up to 15×15 ft. If your room is twice the size it counts as 2 rooms. This will give you a good idea what to expect without the hassle of scheduling a quote only to schedule another appointment for our service. All pricing is based on averages and may very depending on amount of supplies and labor required.

Average Room up to 15×15                      $65

Staircase (up to 15 steps) $55

Average Hallway  $30

Small pet stain/odor pretreat $65

Large pet stain/odor pretreat   $75-$135

Wall to wall pet stain/odor pretreats $140-220

Sectional Sofa  $180

Regular Sofa or Loveseat $90

Lounge Chair $65

Area Rug  $65-85

Runner  $35

Every month we will run a special to SAVE YOU $$$$

Pricing Includes:

Deep solid dirt extraction
Remove pet hair and dander
Remove pet stains and odors
Low moisture hypoallergenic
Color brightener
Fluff from base of carpet
Re-soil protection
Safe to walk on immediately!!