Why Dry Foam

Why Dry Foam

What makes Real Men Carpet Cleaning different is our process. The process we use is a 3 stage process that provides deep solid dirt extraction, dry foam application, scrub and fluff the carpet fibers, adds a mild deodorizer, color brightener, a scotch guard that can last up to 6 months, and it dries in as little as 40 minutes.

Before discussing the dry foam process, we must first discuss why we need to do anything more than vacuum regularly in the first place. There are three types of dirt we will find trapped in our carpet.

  • Solid dirt
  • Lint and dander
  • Surface Oils (Washable Dirt)  

Solid Dirt – is the deepest and most damaging to our carpet and under pad. The deep dirt is the sand and git which has sharp edges and cuts away at the base fibers of the carpet and the under pad. This is why the high traffic areas are not only darker than the rest of our carpet but also flat and matted down. As the underside damage occurs it causes the base nap of the carpet to lay flat. This damage is permanent and over time can become too severe. Unfortunately, we can’t just replace the high traffic area, we have to replace the whole room of carpet. The only way to prevent this damage is to remove that solid dirt with a deep solid dirt extraction. A traditional vacuum cleaner is designed to remove the top dirt but regardless of how often we vacuum this sand and grit is still left behind.
Lint and Dander – is the light fuzz and dead skin that sits on top of the surface of our carpet. Most traditional vacuum cleaners will remove this surface dirt effectively (some better than others). This is where dust mites and other allergens will gather because of the food source and warmth. Vacuuming at least once a week is the average recommendation to keep this threat to a minimum.
Surface Oils – are the oils left behind from our hands and feet just like touching a window pane and your hand print is left behind. Dust clings to these oils and becomes washable dirt. This is the reason we need to shampoo our carpet.

There are several ways to approach washing oils out of carpet carpet:

Dry Foam img

  • Do It Yourself Systems – Water, harsh chemicals, and extraction
  • Industrial Carpet System – Water, chemicals, and industrial buffer bonnet
  • Steam – uses hot water to separate oils and attempt to extract using suction
  • Dry Foam – requires attacking each level of dirt based on location of each type of dirt, 100% nontoxic, hypoallergenic, and saturation free

Now we have a little more information, but we still have a decision to make. What is the best way to get these oils out of our carpet? Remember we still have solid dirt our vacuum can not get out. If we pour water on our carpet it will make mud making extraction next to impossible regardless how powerful the suction. If we use an industrial buffer, we grind mud deeper into the carpet. Like that wet sponge we left on the sink that was brick hard and smelled bad the next day. If we only use steam, we have issue with the carpet coming clean but 3 days later the stains resurface because of the wet dirt left underneath. We also run the risk of the steam getting the carpet to hot. The backing that holds the fibers in place is made of plastic. Most steamers range anywhere from 250 degrees F to 310 degrees F. That heat not only reaches the backing of the carpet but also penetrates to the pad. Then if we add harsh chemicals to the mix we are making this situation worse.

So, what does Real Men Carpet Cleaning do different to avoid these issues and provide a true clean?

First we start with a deep solid dirt extraction. There are three factors to removing all the dirt.

  • Proper height
  • Gentle vibration
  • Proper air flow (Suction)

Setting proper height allows us to create and air pocket to circulate a cyclone of air under the carpet and pad. Gentle vibration allows us to stir the dirt while producing suction powerful enough to create air flow 6 inches under the carpet and remove sand, grit, and heavy dirt. This already puts us a step ahead of the competition, but what about the oils? How do we remove oils with out saturating the carpet or getting the pad underneath wet? Even if we prevent creating mud, we must be concerned about moisture that could cause mold or mildew with out using harsh chemicals in an attempt to kill the bacteria that could grow. We have the answer for this as well…DRY FOAM!!! Dry foam is 100% nontoxic, hypoallergenic, and is activated by hot water. By pushing air through the solution, we are able to form foam before making contact with your carpet. This allows us to loosen oils without allowing moisture to penetrate below the base nap of the carpet. By leaving the under pad completely dry we prevent any possibility of the growth of mold or mildew. The foam clings to the oils and loosens them to allow easy removal. Using a forward spinning brush roll the oils are scrubbed upwards instead of being pushed into the carpet like a buffer would. No suction extraction required. Now the magic begins. The dry foam then crystallizes after 30 minutes and becomes vacuum-able. That means as your carpet is exposed to oils in the future they get trapped in these crystals and continues to be vacuum-able leaving a scotch guard that lasts up to 6 months and a mild deodorizer leave your carpet smelling fresh and clean.
So now we have all the information to make an educated decision. We can make the call and pay the other guy to come turn your dirty carpet into muddy carpet, or we can call Real Men Carpet Cleaning Services and have our carpet cleaned, protected, and smelling fresh.